The Deua National Park

South Coast bushwalks and camping

The New South Wales South Coast is a popular bushwalking and camping spot for local and overseas visitors.

Are you on a short trip to Australia? If you have a few days up your sleave while you’re in Sydney, but still want to experience something a bit wild and off the beaten track, the Deua is the place for you. If you’re a Sydney-sider looking for peace and quiet, you’ll love it too.


Where is the Deua?

The Deua National Park is only 3 hours from Sydney, 1 hour from Canberra and 2.5 hours from Wollongong. This convenient proximity to capital cities and regional cities is what makes it such a great choice for a day trip or a weekend away or. It’s also nearby to picturesque coastal towns Batemans Bay, Moruya and Narooma, and the historical town of Braidwood.


What’s so special about the Deua?


One of Australia’s best kept secrets

Words to describe the Deua National Park are spectacular, rugged, wild, remote, unique… Teaming with wildlife and rare plant species, the landscape varies from rugged dry bushlands with ocean views, to dense alpine woodlands to majestic temperate rainforests. There’s always something new to discover over the next ravine or gully.

Bushwalking and activities

The Deua National Park, has something for everyone. In the Deua you can hike, drive, camp, swim, lilo, canoe, picnic and birdwatch, all in the one day.
For children or beginner bushwalkers you might like the Big Hole Walking Track Hikers, the Marble Arch and Wyanbene Caves. For more experienced hikers or adventurers there are plenty of tracks to explore and activities like canyoning or caving.

Sought after photographic panoramas

Fancy yourself a keen photographer? You’ll hardly have a chance to put your camera down while you’re here. The Deau is a favourite of renowned nature photographers Dee Kramer and Brad Chilby, who come here year after year to capture scenic landscapes and plant life unique to the area.

If you’re in New South Wales or Canberra the Deua is the perfect choice to see landscapes comparable to what you’d find in New Zealand or Tasmania. And you don’t even have to get on a plane.